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Warshaw Law Firm, advocating for the educational rights of special needs children, is dedicated to protecting the rights of children with disabilities and children who are the victims of or accused of bullying, and assisting families in crisis through mediation and collaborative divorce.

My son who has special needs was not receiving the proper services from the Special Education department at his school. I called Ms. Warshaw and she immediately responded. I found her on Facebook when I found myself facing a dead in. The end results is that we won our case and it didn’t take long to get results. She knows her stuff and I’d recommend her over, and over again.

T.H., Willingboro

Easy to talk too. Accessible. Returns emails & phone calls in a timely manner. Ms. Julie Warshaw is an exceptional attorney who is compassionate about her clients as well as a great listener. She studies all the evidence before making a decision, and when she does-bam! case over-we WIN! She has far exceeded my expectations and I have no hesitation to refer her to my friends and family. She is a phenomenal lawyer and also reasonably priced! She is extremely knowledgeable, confident, and just an overall nice woman. She made me feel comfortable and confident about my case and she allowed me to tell my story because I knew it best. The end result is that she got my case completely resolved and my son who is classified as Special Needs took home a WIN as well!! I will definitely be using her again with ANY legal matter or questions that I may experience along the way! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the amazing legal work you did for me on my son’s behalf. Thanks for prioritizing me as a client and doing everything in your power to help us WIN our case.
You Rock!!!

A.H. Willingboro

Julie and her team are exceptional because they know the law. They were not afraid of going up against corruption and revealing them to the judge. Julie and her team always answered phone calls to give legal advice to help along the way. The entire staff cared for my family well beings.

C.J., Cinnaminson

Julie represented our daughter in a dispute with her New Jersey school system and successfully resolved a highly complex situation. Her knowledge of educational law, skills at negotiation, rapport with us and genuine empathy directly led to our success with the school system. Our daughter is severely dyslexic and we discovered that New Jersey school systems rarely know how to teach someone like our daughter. Consequently, she was barely able to read or function in school. What Julie did was force the school system to provide teachers with real expertise (Lindamood Bell, Wilson, etc.) in teaching dyslexic students which made a substantial difference. She also held the school accountable for my daughter’s progress, instituting measurable, real metrics as opposed to school metrics that mean little in reality (great scores mean nothing if at the end of the day your child can’t read a three letter word). We highly recommend her, especially to parents struggling with navigating hostile school systems.

D.C., Boxborough

Julie’s exceptional expertise comes directly from her knowledge and years of experience with serving parents of children with special needs and HIB laws. Julie provides heart and compassion in her work and is certain to accomplish a fair result for her client. If you want an honest and knowledgeable attorney who can best represent your needs and those of your child’s, Julie is your counselor. Highly recommend.

C.P., Basking Ridge

One of our children’s most basic rights is an education. I hired Julie Warshaw because I needed legal assistance to procure this for my daughter. Julie is an excellent attorney. She will listen to your case and determine the optimal outcome. Like all legal proceedings, it takes time but Julie is there every step of the way. If you contact Julie she will always return your call. Julie truly cares about her clients, and works diligently in their best interest. Julie Warshaw ‘s devotion and legal expertise are unparalleled!

C.T., Budd Lake

Julie took our case when I felt no one would take it seriously. She cared. She is knowledgeable about special education laws and laws relating to schools. What was a very emotional time for us, Julie made it far better. Thank you Julie.

K.Y., Landing

Julie is extremely knowledgeable and experienced with Special Needs law. She also offers flexible hours to support working parents who want and need help advocating for their children. She is great with communication by phone or email. Most important Julie Warshaw is empathetic and understanding of what her clients experience so she guides and holds your hand through the process. My son has the services he needs because of Julie!

J.T., Hillsborough

Julie Warshaw has been a blessing from above. Our son was really done wrong by our school district, which had failed to provide IEP services for our son and Julie was able to get them for him. She’s been a guiding force of knowledge, compassion and understanding. Words can not express how fortunate we are to have Julie is in our corner. When you have the truth, the facts and most importantly, Julie’s experience, you know good things will happen. She has become part of our family. We can’t thank her enough for everything she’s done.

K.J., Absecon

[Julie Warshaw] guides and empowers the clients she represents and doesn’t put words in your mouth, which is very important to me. She also gives you her best professional advice so you feel like you’ve exercised your free will and feel confident in all of your legal decisions. And she always keeps her cool, even when other people are losing their grips she remains calm and focused. You’ll go to bed with the peace of mind knowing that she’s working as hard as she can on your case.


Ms. Julie Warshaw is a superior attorney and exceptional in her craft. She will stand right by your family’s side through all of the proceedings. She’s also thorough and precise in all her correspondences. Her knowledge of the law is outstanding!

S.S., Brick

We hired Mrs. Julie Warshaw for guardianship and special education law services. Throughout [the process] she was kind, understanding, patient, sharp and diligent. The guardianship was completed efficiently within a few weeks. Her approach was different than others when it came to the special education services. She gave us a consistent level of commitment as the case went on. She’s also extremely knowledgeable about all the topics and meticulously prepares the whole case. We can’t thank Julie enough for everything that she has done for us. She really is an attorney with a heart!

R.M., Edison

Julie helped for over a year to get our son out of a school district where he was being bullied constantly by both school administrators and other students. The school also refused to address an ADHD diagnosis. Julie is extremely knowledgeable of NJ State and Federal Education Law and made sure our son’s rights weren’t being violated. My son will now be attending a different school this fall. If it weren’t for Julie, he’d still be going to the same school where he was miserable every day.

J.M., Chester

“We hired Mrs. Julie Warshaw for Guardianship and Special Education Law services. Throughout she was kind, understanding, patient and very diligent. Guardianship was completed very efficiently within a few weeks. Even for the special education services her approach was different than others. While discussing the matter she would even use the nicer words for the other party too. Saying let us understand their point of view and resolve the matter. Unlike some others professionals who will bash the other party during the first appointment but will be less responsive once the contract for services is signed. But we saw her same level of commitment as the case went on. As others also mentioned she is really an attorney with a heart! She is extremely knowledgeable about all the topics too. We cannot thank Julie enough for everything that she has done for us. We highly recommend her.”

AVVO Review (Rakesh)

“I called her office and Im surprised that she picks up her own calls NO Secretaries!   She kept me posted at all times delivers result and I mean even weekends and very late night she’s up working on your case. She is not a greedy lawyer, although SHE DOES HAVE A RIGHT TO BE… I tell her accurate info and soon as she asked me to read and review her documentations and letters I do it, and she reciprocate and goes above and beyond her clients cooperation…. THAT’S THE KIND OF LAWYER SHE IS, she does not say a lot at first, she listens to you and lets her client weigh in their options, she wont instigate fight between her client and the other parties just to earn a living… but she surely wont let her client end up as loser…. My ex’s lawyer was very greedy and very ghetto… NOT JULIE… she’s very calm, classy and as a matter of fact when we were in the court, random people approached her and told her ” YOU ARE VERY SHARP AND CLASSY UNLIKE OTHER LAWYERS, THEYRE ALL MOUTH AND YET THEIR BRAINS ARE EMPTY”, and when our case has received judgement she even had to help the other lawyer figure out what to do next. She comes in prepared and organize and on time, if not half an hour early. Ive not seen any lawyer ever before like her and my Dad was a lawyer he was very kind and very smart, but JULIE?… I MEAN SHE IS SET APART, I MAY NOT BE ABLE TO FIND ANOTHER LAWYER LIKE HER, at least not my lifetime. “

AVVO Review (Grace)

“Julie Warshaw is an anomaly; she is an attorney with a heart. An incredible knowledge of special education and rights, for which I hired her, as well as a deep seated desire to better a faulty system for these young impaired students. She is direct and to the point unlike so many attorneys who know little but showboat much. It is without question that I highly recommend this lawyer for her exceptional abilities on so many legal and personal fronts!”

L.V. Ph.D.

“I am literally in tears regarding your willingness to help us find a median where my son is not hurt and we get justice. Thank you so much Julie!”

G.R. (Client)

“Ms. Julie Warshaw is a Special Education Law Genius. A lady and a professional of the court. She is extremely knowledgeable of all laws & your child’s rights. Ms. Warshaw will stand by you & your family thru the entire case.”

S.S. (Parent)

“Julie has exceptional knowledge in Education Law and she has a passion for helping students who’ve been diagnosed with various disabilities; she successfully helped us with our son who has Asperger’s Syndrome. The school system failed him and she was able to prove that in a Court of Law. We are currently working with Julie on a civil case, and we feel confident that she will present a thorough and well demonstrated case. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

Teri (Parent)

“I was looking for an anti harassment intimidation and bullying attorney and had no idea where to find one so I googled. Do you know that search engine pulled up angels and there was Julie Warshaw. Julie is professional, well respected, and most of all CARES about her clients. She produced the optimal outcome and best of all made me and my son feel protected. It was the best decision I ever made to hire Julie.”

AVVO Review (Parent)

“Julie has been a blessing from above. Our son was really done wrong by the School / District as well as by the Administrators. Julie has been a guiding force of knowledge, compassion and understanding. The School / District and Administrators failed on countless occasions to provide the services of your son’s IEP and Julie was able to successfully obtain these services for him. Words can not express how fortunate we have been that Julie is in our corner. We are still in an ongoing situation that has many levels. To date and as a direct result of Julie, we have been successful at each and every level. When you have the truth, the facts and most importantly, the expertise of Julie, you know good things will happen. Julie has been so patient in her quest to fully understand everything about our Case and to hear her when she is discussing the Case, you would think that she was there which has been so comforting for our son and Family. She has become part of our Family.
We can not thank Julie enough for everything that she has done and without question, she has been and is the best.

Kevin (Parent)

“Thank you so much, Julie! You were awesome! You have been so wonderful!”

C.W. (Client)

“Julie Warshaw had the unlucky task of medi­ating my divorce and I want to tell everyone what an AMAZING job she did for both parties involved … Julie handled the situation very professionally and was always available when any party needed her no matter what the hour … Once our agreement was finally executed, Julie sent it to the retained attorneys for their review. My attorney was very impressed with the agreement and felt the terms were fair and equitable … Now my divorce is almost finalized and I am not sure I could have survived mentally and financially without Julie … I would recommend Julie’s services to anyone who is going through a divorce. Julie’s main goal was to keep everything fair and equitable as well as keeping the process moving forward.”

J.D. (Participant in mediation)

“Julie: Thank you for your expertise! It was a pleasure to work with you. People do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care! It showed and was much appreciated.”

J.Z. (Participant in mediation)

“I hired Julie after talking to a few other lawyers when I was getting divorced. She was incredible throughout the whole process, always going above and beyond, with my rights and preferences in mind at all times. She was kind, understanding, patient and very diligent. I could not recommend her more highly.”

AVVO Review (Client)

“Thank you so much Julie. You have been nothing short of wonderful at every step. I appreciate it greatly.”

A.S. (Participant in Collaborative Divorce)

“Julie is an amazing attorney, tenacious and full of compassion. She is professional, incredibly articulate and deeply knowledgeable about the law and fights hard for her client. “

M.G., Parent